Wednesday 30 June 2021

Youth Day Appeal 2021

Dear students,

On this coming Friday morning, 2 July, our school will be collecting donations in support of the Youth Day Appeal (YDA) 2021.

YDA is an annual nationwide fundraising campaign that aims to nurture, encourage, and inspire students to be socially responsible citizens who can contribute meaningfully to the community. YDA is supported by MOE and is in-line with Values-in-Action (VIA) principles, and enables students to play a part in building a caring and inclusive society.

100% of the donations raised in the YDA will go towards empowering the lives of the social service users from more than 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest.

Kindly remember to bring along your desired amount of $ to be donated and drop them into the small yellow envelope that your form teacher will be using to collect the physical donations from you on Friday.

Alternatively, you may want to encourage your parents to donate via the PayNow QR code below. Please use a banking app that supports PayNow and scan the QR code to make the donation. Direct scan via a generic QR scanner will result in getting an invalid URL.

Thank you for joining us in our school effort to contribute positively to the less advantaged in society!

From: YDA Team 2021 
(Mr Seth Tan and Ms Esther Tan)