Friday 24 June 2022

Invitation to ‘Singapore Our Home SG75 Competition 2022’

Dear Students, 

The annual Singapore Our Home SG75 Competition is hosted by Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru CCC (TP-TBCCC) with Minister Indranee as adviser. 

Theme: “Inclusive Singapore

Dream about what Singapore would be like in SG75 (2040), and through showcasing Singapore’s can-do spirit, in envision how a collective legacy for our beloved Singapore can be created together in your submission. 

(More info is provided on the poster) 

The Competition invites original works in two categories namely, the Primary Schools and Open. 

Each participant of the competition may submit entries as:

1. Static presentation which includes essay, illustrations, graphic design, and photo submissions; and/or

2. Dynamic presentation consists of animation and video submission.

Participants may also submit their work on an individual basis or in a group of not more than six members. 

If you are keen to participate, please inform Mr Keith Wee at

Participants can submit their entry via

The submission deadline of the competition is on 18 July 2022. 

Queries about the competition rules and regulations can be sent to: