Tuesday 30 August 2022

2022 Staff Appreciation Week Concert

 Dear Students, 


The Peer Support Board (PSB) is proud to present the Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) Concert 2022 on 1st September, Thursday. 


The theme for this year is “Celebrating our Stars”. We hope this will be an event where we celebrate and express our appreciation and gratitude to the people in the school community by treating them like stars! ⭐



  • To appreciate the contributions of SST staff in supporting the school community

  • For students to learn more about our SST staff and bond with them

  • To encourage the SST community to practise appreciation to foster a positive culture


Reporting and Dismissal Time:

All students will report at 0840hrs in the ISH for morning assembly and will be dismissed at 1130hrs.


Things to Bring:

1. Silent reading material

2. Class party items


Thank you


On behalf of

Peer Support Board