Wednesday 27 June 2018

Attention to all potential CODERS: You Are Wanted!

The ICT department will be conducting a series of competitive coding lessons to prepare students interested in taking part in the Australian Informatics Competition.

The training sessions are differentiated for beginning coders and advanced coders alike.

The first combined session will be held on Wednesday 27 June at 1500 at the Lecture Theatre.
Subsequent differentiated sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday for the next 6 weeks.

Please refer to the SLIDES (The Australian Informatics Olympiad Training Series) for more information. ​

Students interested to join the training sessions, please turn up for the first session and join the Google classroom with class code nvo52hj

Subsequent announcements will be made via Google Classroom.

In particular to S1 & S2 students: 
This programme was previously communicated to you through your ICT Teachers (in Term 2)